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Easiest Instruments to Learn as an Adult

As visceral and emotional music can be for those listening to it, music can be ten times more powerful for those that create it. However, the vast majority of people will never experience the range of emotions, sensations, and connection that occurs when one creates music because for every child that learns an instrument there are several that never have the chance. Once people reach adulthood, it can become extremely difficult to learn an instrument because of time, financial and learning constraints. Many adults who would love to learn an instrument think that the only instrument that they can perfect in adulthood is the air guitar. However, these beliefs are incorrect, and while it may be more difficult as an adult to learn how to play an instrument for the first time it is more than possible. While it is never too late to learn an instrument, it may be harder to learn certain instruments and easier to learn others.

According to, a company that helps people find tutors, scheduling tracking and help people learn, they recommend that anyone attempting to learn a new instrument start with one of the “easier” instruments to learn listed below.

  • Ukulele: With just four strings the Ukulele is simple, cheap and a good instrument to start with if you eventually want to try to learn the guitar.

  • Harmonica: Harmonicas are one of the easiest instruments to learn because they are simple and always in key. Plus you can keep it in your pocket so that you can practice anywhere.

  • Bongos: Instead of buying a whole set of drums, starting with a set of bongos to begin to learn how to play percussion instruments is a great first step.

  • Piano: The piano may seem overwhelming to learn but according to it is much easier to learn than other instruments because all the notes are laid out in front of you.

Music does not need to be just something we just listen to. Learning to play music as an adult can be a great stress reducer and mind stimulator.

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