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Why Music Education is so Important.

There is no question that Americans enjoy listening to music. We spend on average, 4 hours a day listening to music, are excited when our favorite song comes on the radio and look up to legendary & popular musicians. Despite our love for music, music education has been cut from many schools with deeper cuts potentially on the horizon. But why should the average parent or taxpayer be concerned about the cuts to music programs? Our love for music aside, children who study music have been shown to have several benefits over their peers including:

  • Music students have higher scores on the SATs than the national average (source)

  • Learning to play a musical instrument as a child creates more robust brain responses which continue as adults (Skoe & Kraus 2012).

  • A Stanford University Study found that musical training can improve how the brain improves spoken word which could lead to better reading ability in children that have reading problems like dyslexia.

  • Students that were involved in band or orchestra in middle and high school were shown to perform better in math during their senior year of high school. In low-income families, these results were even more pronounced (Catterall, Chapleau & Iwanage 2002).

  • A report by the Texas Commission on drug and alcohol abuse found that individuals involved in band or orchestra had very low levels of alcohol, tobacco, and illicit drugs use compared to peers.

  • Schools with music programs have almost a 10% higher attendance rate than schools without music programs

There are countless more reasons why children should learn music and why music education is important. Rob Aster (A.K.A radical Rob) understands the importance of teaching children music. As a managing member and founder of RRHOT, LLC, which produces music for film, albums, and television productions. Rob Aster has been passionate about music ever since he was a child. Artists and Musicians like radical Rob Aster understand how music can have such a powerful effect on children because it had such a powerful effect on them. We need to do more to promote music in the school and in the classroom before it becomes too late.

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